Holiday apartment in Rome, Anzio: Girasole

Girasole is a wonderful holiday apartment in Rome, Anzio, belonging to the Residence Elianto. This holiday apartment of Rome is composed by a little living room, a bedroom, a cooking and a pretty bathroom with a big window overlooking the sea. This holiday apartment is 27 square meters. Ideal for persons that love the sun and the bright spaces.

A bit of history...
The Sunflower (Girasole) or, better, Helianthus (Elianto), is considerate the flower of the joy and the fun, for its colour but also for its big aspect. The movement of the sunflower to follow the sun is called heliotropism in science. It's very famous for the pictures of Vincent Van Gogh.
Rome Holiday apartments - Holiday apartments Rome - Anzio: Girasole. Are you looking for holiday apartments in Rome? There are many holiday apartments in Rome, Anzio. This is a holiday apartment in Anzio, Rome, of the Residence Elianto. In this page: information about the holiday apartment in Rome, Anzio, Girasole.

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Holiday home Rome: Holiday home in Rome, Anzio: Are you looking for a holiday home in Rome, Italy? In this page: information about a holiday home in Rome of the Residence Elianto. The holiday home is situated at Anzio, only 50 km from Rome, on the sea.Back to the Holiday Homes