Holiday Home in Rome, Anzio: Orchidea

Orchidea is a holiday home in Rome, Anzio, belonging to the Residence Elianto. The pretty one-roomed flat is 35 square meters and it has a little and private balcony of 5 square meters. This holiday home in Rome, Anzio, is divided by a mobile wall and has a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom and a cooking. Large windows overlooking the sea. The holiday home in Rome has two entries: the first from the inside of the residence and the second completely independent.

A bit of history...
TheOrchidea is a flower with sweet and attractive perfume, mysterious allure and elegance. In Occident, the Orchidea is usually donated to important persons for oneself o for the community. The name, Orchidea, derives from the Ancient Greek, Orchis, which means testicle, for the round roots. According to an old greek legend, Orchis, a son of a satyr and a nimph, was convicted of a priestess courted. After his dead, the gods became his body in the flower that, today, we usually call Orchidea. From here, the popular legend about the aphrodisiac powers of the flower.
Holiday Home Rome - Holiday Homes Rome: Are you looking for a holiday home in Rome? Orchidea is a holiday home near Rome, in Anzio. This holiday home in Rome is on the sea. Rome holiday home, Rome holiday homes.

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Holiday home Rome: Holiday home in Rome, Anzio: Are you looking for a holiday home in Rome, Italy? In this page: information about a holiday home in Rome of the Residence Elianto. The holiday home is situated at Anzio, only 50 km from Rome, on the sea.Back to the Holiday Homes