Holiday Home in Rome, Anzio: Gelsomino

Gelsomino is a one-roomed flat very pretty. This holiday home in Rome, Anzio, is composed by a cooking, bathroom, and bedroom with double bed. Possible addition of two extra single beds. The inside area of this holiday home of Anzio is 24 square meters, but the one-roomed flat has also a little garden with lateral sea view.

A bit of history...
The Gelsomino, famous in science as Jasminum, belongs to the Oleaceae family. The family is composed by 200 shrub and vines species. The most popular species, cultivated like decorative plants, are: Jasmine official, Jasminum grandiflorum, J. azoricum and J. polyanthus. In the old time, it believed that the Jasmines had many curative powers.
Holiday Home Rome - Holiday Homes Rome, Anzio: are you looking for a holiday home in Rome? This holiday home in Rome is situated in Anzio, only 50 km from the capital. Gelsomino is an holiday home of Rome, Anzio, belonging to the Residence Elianto.

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Holiday home Rome: Holiday home in Rome, Anzio: Are you looking for a holiday home in Rome, Italy? In this page: information about a holiday home in Rome of the Residence Elianto. The holiday home is situated at Anzio, only 50 km from Rome, on the sea.Back to the Holiday Homes