Holiday Home in Rome, Anzio: Azalea

Azalea is in the structure of holiday homes of the Residence Elianto, in Anzio, near Rome. This holiday home in Rome is a pretty room with bathroom and independent entry which can offers privacy and complete autonomy. Azalea is in a small square of the Residence.

A bit of history...
Azalea is a plant of Rhododendron species. The name of this plant derive from the words ῥόδον (rhodon, rose) e δένδρον (dendron, tree), of the ancient greek. This flower represent the pure love and symbolizes the luck and an unexpected joy. For this cause, the Azalea is usually donated to a person which must face important test.
Holiday Home Rome - Holiday Homes Rome: Are you looking for a holiday home in Rome? Azalea is a holiday home near Rome, in Anzio. This holiday home in Rome is on the sea. Rome holiday home, Rome holiday homes.

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Holiday home Rome: Holiday home in Rome, Anzio: Are you looking for a holiday home in Rome, Italy? In this page: information about a holiday home in Rome of the Residence Elianto. The holiday home is situated at Anzio, only 50 km from Rome, on the sea.Back to the Holiday Homes