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Residence Italy - Holiday Houses Italy - Holiday Homes Italy: Are you looking for holiday houses in Italy? Residence Elianto has many holiday houses in Italy, Anzio, near Rome. The holiday houses in Italy of Residence Elianto are near the sea. For information about holiday houses in Italy you can visit the Residence Elianto website.The sweet sound of the sea and the scent of the beach below the house, just 50 minutes from Rome.
The Anzio's Residence, Elianto, is situated in a stretch of coast between the reserve of Tor Caldara and Capo d'Anzio, in a quiet area, at 1000 meters from the station Villa Claudia. This Residence of Anzio has 16 holiday houses, all overlooking the sea, with or without cooking. The holiday homes in Italy of Elianto are of various sizes, each with two, three, four and five beds.

The Residence Elianto, in Anzio, was inaugurated in the 2001. The owner, Enzo De Angelis, already lived with his wife, Rossana, in the area where, now, are the holiday houses of the residence and thought to create a structure with more holiday homes in Italy to donate to other people the pleasure of the sea below the house and the pleasure of the waking up in front of a beautiful landscape.

Elianto or, better, "Elianthus", is the scientific name of the flower that we usually call "Sunflower". The structure of holiday houses in Italy is so called because the owners, Enzo and Rossana, have a big passion for the flowers.
From the holiday houses of Residence Elianto you can go to the beach by scales or elevator. The elevator is installated recently and is especially for disabled.
All guests of Elianto's holiday homes can use the free internet wi-fi connection in the public areas of the residence.
Each holiday house has a name of a flower: Anemone, Oleandro, Ginestra, Ortensia, Gelsomino, Ginestra, Camelia, Gardenia, Rosa, Dalia, Mimosa, Papavero, Girasole, Orchidea, Narciso and Mughetto.
For all information and specific services of each holiday homes of Anzio you can visit the page Holiday Houses.

The Residence Elianto wish you wonderful holidays in Anzio!

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